Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Old Woman

Sadly, too many nursing homes are guilty of not providing the quality care that we expect for our loved ones. Your family member may have suffered bed sores because staff members failed to turn them frequently, or they may have fallen due to inattention by nurses and other staff. A nursing home can overlook your relative, fail to provide them with meals and medication on time, and simply leave them to be neglected. Sometimes nursing home neglect and elder abuse don’t take the form of physical injuries; your loved one may be abused mentally as well.

When you suspect abuse or neglect of an elderly loved one, call us immediately. Injuries and death can happen quickly, and the patients are often unable to speak for or care for themselves. A KNDK personal injury lawyer will investigate and uncover all the facts and details to protect your loved ones' rights.

There is no excuse for nursing home neglect and elder abuse. The health and safety of your loved one should be a top priority for nursing facilities and nursing home staff. Call us if you suspect there have been problems. Your loved one deserves justice.