Construction Litigation


We represent a number of companies and individuals with legal issues in the complex world of construction. If you have a construction claim, you want a specialist, not a general practitioner. And we can often represent you on a contingency fee basis or other alternative fee arrangement. See below for more information about which type of legal issue relates to you:

  • Construction Defect and Delay Claims
  • Construction Payment Issues and Liens
  • Construction Accidents
  • Insurance Disputes


A new building or facility is an investment. But when construction defects occur, it becomes an unexpected liability. Construction defects can happen in the design, planning, supervision, inspection or construction of any new home or building. They often result from a failure to construct the building in a reasonably workmanlike manner, or from the use of defective or non-conforming materials. As a result, the final structure doesn’t perform as planned.

We understand building codes and the law. We know how to determine whether a construction flaw is the result of a building violation, a bad design decision, a failure to perform good quality work, or several factors acting at once. We’re here to help make things right by pursuing the responsible builders, owners, developers, designers, and subcontractors to recover your damages and restore the value of your investment.

Delays during a construction project can also cause major problems. The building may not be ready for the owner to open on time. As a contractor subjected to the delays of others on the project, you may experience large losses from extended overhead, schedule/workforce disruption from having to perform out of sequence, and lost opportunities to take on other work. We will help you assess your damages and then make construction delay claims to try to recover them.


We also work on payment claims for your company, including mechanic’s lien situations. For owners, we can assess mechanic’s liens and help you determine what parts of claims are legitimately owed or not. We help contractors and owners prepare and present claims, and we’ll help you review your contract to determine your rights and obligations.


You don’t have to work at a construction site to be injured at one. You may be a pedestrian passing by, or a visitor to the site. And construction sites can be dangerous places. Whenever heavy equipment is in use, workers use scaffolding and ladders to work at high elevations, or there is excavation involved, individuals in the area are automatically at an elevated risk. On a day-to-day basis, defective tools, falling objects or even explosive materials may cause accidents.

Because construction site accidents are often complex when injuries occur it is sometimes difficult to know who is responsible for causing the injury.

Whatever your injury, call the Kansas City construction law experts at KNDK to help you determine exactly what happened, who did it, and how best to go about making a claim to compensate you and your family for your injuries.


Insurance policies are complex documents in everyday life. In the world of construction, they can be even worse. The policy you thought would cover your loss seems like it should – but often the insurer takes a contrary position against you.

Talk with us about your situation. We review many types of construction industry insurance policies. We’ll help you decide how best to present your claim to maximize the available coverage. And when the insurer gets it wrong and denies the claim without a good basis, we’ll take them on, often on a contingent fee basis.