Why Hire a Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer?


People call us frequently at KNDK and tell us their stories of the legal problems they have encountered. This may involve an auto accident, an injury caused by a doctor or hospital, or an injury at a place of business. We listen and advise them of their rights, which usually includes telling them the damages they are entitled to pursue and recover if they prevail. Generally the damages involve medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Sometimes there are other elements as well.

At some point in the conversation, we are sometimes asked, “Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer?”  In some cases the answer may actually be that you don’t need to. This might include very small cases you may be able to resolve yourself, where a lawyer won’t add value to your case. But in most cases, hiring a lawyer is a good idea because we can maximize the value of your case. Insurance companies know that when you have a lawyer they will have to pay based on the value of the case, not just what they want you to take, which is most often only a small fraction of what your case is worth.

For Kansas City lawsuits, at KNDK we know the law – and what you can recover for your injuries — and we use our experience to help value your case. We have settled thousands of cases, and we have taken many to trial.  We have a good sense of the values of cases.

I recently met a very nice young lady who was injured in a car accident that was not her fault. The insurance adjuster sent her a release and a check without discussing it with her, in the hopes that she would just take it. But it was less than five percent of the value of her case. This type of bad faith hardball from insurers is unfortunately typical, and it usually happens before the injured person gets a lawyer involved.  Thankfully she called us before signing the check, and we were able to get her a fair result.

So anyone injured by another person should consider hiring a lawyer before getting to the point of settling the claim. This is true for personal injury cases, car accidents, medical malpractice, and other situations in which you have been harmed.

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